Woodchips (Apple)

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Premium Woodchips

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Add a smoky flavour infusion to any dish with our choice of Premium Woodchips. These small chips will burn away quickly, meaning that they are better suited to things like fish or cheese, that benefit from a lighter smoke, than our woodchunks. Depending on how many you throw in, you can adapt the level of intensity.

Premium woodchips sold seperately. Choose from apple, cherry, hickory or pecan flavours below.

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A super-easy flavour injection

For a quick burst of woodsmoke, throw some woodchips on your charcoals. They'll add beautiful, flavourful undertones to whatever it is you're cooking — whether it's fish, meat, vegetables or even dairy. The flavours will vary depending on which woodchips you choose.

Premium smoking chips


Before your cook, soak your chosen woodchips or woodchunks in water for around 15 minutes. This is to make them last longer. When you're ready, scatter a handful of chips or a few chunks onto the coals, place your food on the relevant cooking surface, and close the lid.

In about 10-15 minutes, you'll infuse your cook with your flavour of choice. The longer you leave it, the smokier your cook will become.

There are some classic foods that work great with woodsmoke — like bacon, salmon, and low and slow cuts like brisket or pork belly. However, with a bit of experimentation, you can make all sorts of amazing discoveries. For example, one of our personal favourites is smoked sticky toffee pudding!

There are a few easy ways to make sure your meat stays moist when you smoke it. Firstly, it's usually a good idea to cook meat indirectly — that is, with the ConvEGGtor. Doing so makes the heat less intense, so you get a longer smoke at a lower temperature. It can also make a big difference to wrap your meat in foil for a portion of your cook, and of course: let it rest when you're done! You can also make a difference to the moisture in your cook by leaving a pan of water inside your EGG for the duration.

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